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   Descripption : AMER-GLASS Multi-Layerd AGM Separator



- AMER-GLASS is a unique multi-layered absorbent glass mat (AGM) separator made exclusively of chemical grade borosilicate glass micro-fibres.

 - AMER-GLASS has the distinguishing feature of being an ORIENTED AGM SEPARATOR. This means that each side of this AGM separator has a different fibrous structure:

 a) FINE SIDE : AMER-GLASS FINE SIDE has a higher BET surface area, denser structure composed exclusively of the finest glass micro-fibres.

 b) COARSER SIDE : AMER-GLASS COARSER SIDE has a lower BET-surface area, looser structure made up of varying ratios of different glass micro-fibres. A wide spectrum of properties can be obtained on this side depending on the fibres formulation adopted.

- AMER-GLASS offers the AGM battery design the option of choosing which fibrous structure is to be located against the electrodes to optimize performance.

- AMER-GLASS SLI-grade has the distinguishing feature of offering a pure glass micro-fibre separator that can be sealed into an envelope either by crimping or ultrasonic welding.

- AMER-GLASS SLI-grade is based on a patent pending method of treating a fibrous glass micro-fibre material to make it mechanically strong and capable of being sealed mechanically or thermally.

- AMER-GLASS is made on a manufacturing process regulated by a quality assurance system that has been certified to be in compliance with ISO9001 standards since 1994.


    Applications & Featurestems


A) Industrial AGM battery application

1. Finer Pore Structure:

AMER-GLASS separator has a smaller pore structure for the same amount of fine fibres. This is a direct consequence of its multi-layered construction.Finer pore structures offer many performance advantages.

2. Faster Upward Wicking:

In comparison with regular (single-layered) AGM separators, AMER-GLASS carries electrolyte faster upwards. This is due to the synergy effect between the different layers.

3. Faster Downward Wicking

AMER-GLASS as a multi-layered AGM separator also has the advantage of faster downward wicking. This is an important advantage during the critical filling operation.

4. Unique Saturation Profile.

AMER-GLASS as a multi-layered AGM separator during wicking tests can carry electrolyte to wicking heights that are out of reach to other regular AGM separators.

5. Lower Stratification



B) SLI battery application

1. Superior Tensile Strength

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade separator has a higher tensile strength to a standard 100% glass micro-fibre separator. This increased tensile strength is due to the presence of structural reinforcement of the separator. This enables the tensile strength of this SLI-grade separator to be the triple of a standard AGM one.

2. Plate Enveloping

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade permits the creation of crimped or ultrasonic sealed AGM separator edges. Also the outer 3-4 mm of the separator offer protection against short circuits. Enveloping is an important requirement of SLI-batteries and this separator allows for the use of conventional enveloping techniques with minor adjustments to the machinery.

3. Greater Electrolyte Absorption

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade as a 100% glass separator has all the benefits of this material that makes it an ideal absorption media for sulphuric acid. The volume porosity of this separator is 2% to 3% higher than the equivalent values similar absorbent separators using organic fibres as reinforcement binders.

4. No Organic Material Contamination

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade as a pure glass AGM will never expose the SLI battery to any potential danger of contamination due to any amount of organic material hat can break down and affect its performance.

5. Lower Stratification

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade AGM has the benefit of the much lower stratification that glass micro-fibres offer. Hydrophobic organic fibre containing absorbent separators allow electrolyte to readily stratify.

6. Faster Wicking

AMER-GLASS SLI-grade is pure glass, and since glass has 0?contact angle with sulphuric acid it wicks up rapidly. The speed of wicking is related to the fibrous pore structure. But organic fibres have greater contact angles and are often hydrophobic, therefore the wicking proceeds much slower in these materials.





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