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   Model : W-10 / X-400 / X-600 etc.

   Manufacturer : Wirtz MFG. Co.Inc.


W-10 : Prepared for severe casting conditions and packaged wet in gallon containers, ready for use. Industrial grid casting, particularly with calcium alloy, is usually very detrimental to normal mold coat compounds.

W-10, because of its tough heat-resistant compounds, gives added casting time. It is a very tough binding mold spray, and can be used "as received" for most industrial and calcium grid casting. It contains a preservative for long shelf life.

W-10 has also been found very effective as an additive to normal mold coat spray for most SLI grid casting. W-10 should be mixed with other mold coats at a ratio of 1 to 1. When mixing with other mold coats, the material should be mixed at the same consistency normally sprayed on the mold.

A mixture of half W-10 and half Wirtz X-400, X-500, or any other cork spray, will usually give longer cork life. The exact ratio of mixing can be varied to suit individual casting requirements.



X-400 : A high insulating product, normally used for casting antimonialalloys.

This product is a coarser powder and has the most venting capabilities of all our mold coat products.

Both touch-up and re-spray is required more often than our other mold coats, due to its rougher surface which wears more rapidly that a smooth surface. This material is generally used for older type machinery, which runs at slower speeds with antimony alloy.





X-500 : Developed to meet the higher casting temperatures required for calcium alloys.

This material has lower insulating capabilities than X-400, it has a finer texture, and a longer run time.

X-500 is our best selling mold coat due to it being more suitable for the higher casting speeds and temperatures used with today's alloys.






X-600 : Designed for Industrial applications, but can also be applied to SLI molds when mixed with Wirtz X-400 or X500 mold coat.

This product is provided as a completely mixed ready to apply solution.

It is an extremely hard, long lasting mold coat, and when used as received without dilution is very difficult to remove from the mold.

We recommend the use of a water brush when removing it from the mold.





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