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   Company Overview

HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS is a brand of WEGMANN automotive GmbH & Co. KG and stands for high performance battery terminals. The company was formerly known under the name Dionys Hofmann GmbH, which was founded in 1947. Since 1982 the company is part of the WEGMANN group.

With a production volume of more than 1 billion parts per year, the German-based company WEGMANN automotive is the leader in the world market for balance weights designed for use in passenger cars, freight vehicles, buses and a variety of industrial applications.

With its brand HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS the company is established as one of the top three international suppliers for battery terminals serving customers in Europe, Asia and America.

The product portfolio of HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS is based on deep market knowledge and close partnerships with their customers to guarantee the optimum product for the particular application process.

HOFMANN POWER SOLUTIONS offers battery terminals for passenger cars & light trucks, medium & heavy duty trucks, motorcycles and special applications of all kinds.



WEGMANN automotive is the global market leader and Tier 1 supplier to many OEMs in the business field of wheel balance weights. Due to these successes, the company is highly familiar with what it takes to maintain an OEM-level product, including their process requirements, service expectations and industry standards.

Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are elements of WEGMANNĄ¯s quality management system. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949.


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