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The TEXEX® Expander is produced by blending various types and/or proporations of barium sulfate, carbon black, and Lignin (a wood derivative) to industry standards. Carbon black is added to give the negative plate a different color from the positive plate and also to lower the internal battery resistanceand to add to internal plate conductivity.

Lignin is added to increase battery capacity at low operating temperatures and high rates of discharge. Barium sulfate is added to extend the life of the negative plates. Automotive and industrial battery manfacturers mix the expander, Lead oxide, sulfuricacid, and water to make the negative plate paste.

The expander enhances the ability of the Lead-acid batteries to perform under various climatic conditions. In a typical automotive battery 1.0% to 2.0% expander is used in the negative plate oxide depending upon the climatic conditions for the battery. In industrial or deep cycle batteries 2.0% to 3.0% expander is added to the negative plate oxide.

All TEXEX® Expanders are produced in ball mills to ensure proper mixing and blending and are quality controlled in an ISO 9001:2000 quality system in our own fully equipped laboratory using a Hewlett Packard #8453 U. V. spectrophotometer.

   Applications & Specification

  Batteries for Automobiles, Lawn&Garden Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Fork Lift Trucks,
  Golf Cars, Telecommunications, UPS and Security & Lighting etc.

   Products Grade

  SLI-A, SLI-SA, SLI-B, SLI-C, IND-A, IND-B, TE-5001, IND-FLT and IND-SE etc.


  A.P.G. (Atomized Products Group, Inc.) in U.S.A


  Expanders are packed in various sized bags to meet customer needs.

  For those customers wishing to obtain expander made to their own specifications, APG has the facilities
  to make these special blends.

  We also have the research and development facilities to make small sample batches for special
  performance testing.





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