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   When equipped with indicators ;

     - The condition of lead acid batteries can be
       determined with a quick, visual check.

     - At the manufacturer warehouse or distributor's stores,
       you can easily and correctly check the battery
       condition before the battery is installed to the
       customer's hand.

     - To prevent user from any trouble on the automotive
        battery, this BATTERY INDICATOR will be a good
        navigator for driver.

     - These economical, reliable, visual indicators greatly
       simplify the inspection and maintenance of all type of
       battery powered units


    For Automobiles / Trucks / Marine / UPS / Lift Trucks / Golf Cart Batteries etc.

    Available Sizes (Total Length)

    50mm / 57mm / 60mm / 62mm


    - Our products do not have any minimum quantity to sell, if you want small quantity, we can follow your

    - Our products are distinguished from other products using ultrasonic sealing method which have a big
       problem such as cracks. Our products do not have any cracks in the sealing part because we use
       special adhesives to seal it.





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