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A. Battery Components

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif SLI Battery Indicators : China
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Traction Battery Indicators : Korea / Italy
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Flame Arrestor (P.P. Filter) : Korea / China
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Safety Valve : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Safety Valve oil : Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Epoxy Encapsulated Brush : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Battery Terminal : Germany
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Battery Strap : Korea / U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Rubber Packing : Korea /Italy
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Ceramic Ball : USA
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif P.E Separator : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif AGM Separator : China
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif PVC Separator : Luxembourg
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Gauntlets/Tube : Luxembourg
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Glass Mat : China /Germany
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Battery Container & Cover : Korea / China /Italy
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Pasting Paper : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif All kind of battery accessories and components

B. Battery Materials

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Battery Flux for C.O.S. M/C : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Fiber Flock : Korea / U.K / U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Carbon Fiber : Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Epoxy Resin : Korea / Germany / China
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Negative Expander[BaSO4 + Lignin + Carbon Black] : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Negative Plate Oil : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Cork Powder : U.S.A. / Portugal
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate : China
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Hot Melt : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Terminal Adhesive : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Colloidal Silica [Gel application] : Korea
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Others

C. Battery M/C Spare Parts

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Short tester [Battery Element tester] : U.S.A, / Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Geared Motor : Germany / Japan / U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif PIV Reducer : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Ring Blower : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Wrap Spring Clutch : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Air clutch : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Phase Adjuster : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Tensioner / Fully : Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Mesh belts [Dry oven conveyor belt] : U.S.A. / Italy
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Stepper Motor : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Spiral Bevel gear box : Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Vacuum pump : U.S.A. / Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Pasting Belt : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Thermocouples : U.S.A.
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Silent Chain : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Protecto relay : Japan
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Limit Switch : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Feed through Heater : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif UV sensor : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Spry Gun : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Worm Gear : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif UV Flame Detector : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Flame Rod : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Needle Assembly : U.S.A
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif etc

D. Spare Parts for the following makers

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Anjo
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Balox
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Besco
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Bitrode
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Con-Flo
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Eberle
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Farmer
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Firing Circuits
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Forward Technology
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Globe
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif IBC
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Linklater
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Mac
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif OSI
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Oxmaster
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif SMS
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Tekmax
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Tiegel
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Wirtz

E. Battery Manufacturing M/C
    and Equipment

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Grid Caster
  - Grid Caster
  - Melting Furnace
  - Cooling Unit

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Industrial Caster
  - Spine Grid Extruder & Trimming Cutter
  - Industrial Flat Grid Caster / Automatic
  - Industrial Flat Grid Caster / Semi-Automatic

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif  Oxide Manufacturing System
  - Lead Ball Caster
  - Lead Ball Conveyor
  - Lead Oxide Mill
  - Lead Oxide Silo
  - Steel Support and Platform for Oxide Mixer
  - Weighing Hopper
  - Acid Tank & Water Tank
  - Mixer
  - Paste Hopper
  - Pasting Machine
  - Flash Drying Oven
  - Positive Plates Drying Tunnel

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Filling Machine
  - Oxide Filling Machine

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Automatic plate line
  - Stripper
  - Expander

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif Assembly Part
  - Envelope Stacking Machine
  - Cell Loader
  - Cast On Strap Machine
  - Short Tester Machine
  - Spot Welder
  - Terminal Welding Machine
  - Leakage Tester Machine
  - Terminal Bush Caster
  - Small Parts Caster
  - Group Aligning Box & Welding Comb
  - Group Burning Fixture with Conveyor
  - Mold of Welding Bar
  - Hole Puncher
  - Heat Sealing Machine
  - Plug Auto Capping Machine

../menu-img/Bullets033.gif  Acid Filling / Dumping Machine
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif  Environment Equipment
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif  Formation / Dry Charge System
../menu-img/Bullets033.gif  Lab / Quality Control System





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