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   Flame Arrestors are the protector for battery explosion.

   They can be used in all kinds of batteries for preventing any explosion
   and mostly inserted the vent caps or covers of batteries.

Standard Sizes

   - Square type : 11mm(W) x 11mm(L) x 3mm(H)
                            17mm x 17mm x 3.2mm etc.
   - Round type : 10dia. x 3T / 14dia. x 3T / 16dia. x 3T
                            20dia. x 3.2T etc.


   - Thickness : As required
   - Length : As required
   - Height : As required
   - Flown Rate : 1,000 ~ 2,000 cc/min.
   - Pore Size : 100 ~ 300 micron
   - Material : Polypropylene with chemicals




   Packed with cartons in liner bags by 4,000pcs, 5,000pcs and 10,000pcs or as your required.


   We can meet any sizes you request such as thickness, width, and length.





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